How do I fax medical records from Carbon?

Updated 2 months ago by Joyce Suen

Step one: 

If you want to fax the patient's complete medical records, go to the patient's chart and click on the PDF logo on the top right corner. You will see the cover page followed by the complete medical records 

Step two: 

Click on the fax button on the bottom and enter the fax number of the office you want to send the medical records to 

Step three:

Log into your Sfax account and double check if the document in the outbox. It may take up to 15 minutes for the fax to go through. Please make sure to check if the document is sent after 15 minutes. The Carbon app will not tell you if the fax failed so it is important to double check on Sfax it the document was successfully faxed 

If you do not want to send the complete medical records, you can also send records that are case specific. Click on the case you want to send records from and then follow Step one. 
If the fax is failing repeatedly, please contact support@carbonhealth 

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