How will my patients be able to book an appointment?

Updated 4 months ago by Emily McGovern

Web Application

An appointment is created using a practice's web scheduler on their unique carbon practice page. 

The patient would most likely only have this link if you sent it to them or if they searched for your practice in our carbon network. 

Carbon Patient Application

The patient is directed to your unique practice download link, onboards as a new patient and schedules an appointment using the app.  

Kiosk Mode

Some partners choose to have a waiting room iPad with our Carbon Dr application installed, and set to Kiosk mode. From there the patient will onboard and sign up while they are waiting in the clinic. 

Settings > Kiosk Mode

If the patient does not want to do any of the following: 
  • Download the application
  • Onboard with the kiosk
  • Make an appointment using the web scheduler
New Patients:

Have the clinic or office staff create a patient on their behalf by going to Settings> Kiosk mode, and entering their demographics for them using the iPad or web application.

Existing Patients:

Navigate to the Patients tab and search for the patient you would like to make an appointment for. Click "Schedule an appointment," as shown in the image below.

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