How much of the Carbon app can my practice customize?

Updated 3 months ago by Emily McGovern

Before customizing your practice it’s important to understand what level of customization is available. 

Supported Customizations

Supported customizations are practice-specific requests that are included in our customization add-ons. Each add-on is calculated based on the different levels of support from both our development and medical teams, ranging from freemium to an hourly customization fee.

  • Examples of supported customizations include: 
  • HPI Templates 
  • Validated Screening  Assessments 
  • Charting Templates 
  • Procedure Templates 
  • Professional Theming and Design Help 
  • Widget Implementation Help 
  • Role-based Appointment Scheduling 
  • Patient Data Migration 
  • Additional Product Training
    Unsupported Customizations 

    Unsupported customizations are outside the scope of our support service. 

    Unsupported customizations include: 

    • Customizing the Carbon Health chatbot name
    • Removing steps from the patient onboarding process ( i.e the step to remove insurance information)
    • UI/UX in the patient or provider app
    • Removal of the Carbon network discovery tabs in the patient app: 
      • Primary Care
      • Urgent Care 
      • Specialists
    • Removal of Carbon Health’s technical contact information 

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