How can I upload lab results, radiology reports or medical records from Sfax to Carbon?

Updated 2 months ago by Joyce Suen

Step one:

Once you are in your Sfax account, click on the specific lab result, radiology report or medical record PDF file. Then click on the export button as shown below and save the PDF into a folder or your desktop 

Step two: 

Open up the patient’s chart in Carbon and click on the specific case that applies to the PDF file 

Step three: 

Click on the plus sign with the circle around it (shown below) on the bottom right corner. Then click on “Upload PDF” and select the lab result PDF and click “Save” 

You can alert clinicians that a lab result or medical record is ready for review by using the Tasks section in the app. Add a task and title it ”review lab results (see annual check up case)," and assign it to a clinician. 

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