How can I change clinical diagnosis titles in treatment plans to more patient-friendly terms?

Updated 3 months ago by Chris Conrad

Clinicians have the ability to edit the diagnosis title of a treatment plan before they publish the treatment plan to the patient.  

This is helpful when diagnosis terms are not as clear to the patient as it would be to a clinician. 

This video shows how to change diagnosis titles of unpublished treatment plans to patient-friendly diagnosis terms your patients can better understand.

In the video, we change the diagnosis name from "Dysuria" to "Painful Urination." 

We do this by selecting "Dysuria" as the diagnosis and writing in "Painful Urination" as the custom description below the selected diagnosis.

When the treatment plan is published, the patient will now see "Painful Urination" as the diagnosis title, with the ICD-10 code and official diagnosis as subtext.

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