Why am I seeing $0.00 for all CPT codes in the bill details for claims sent to insurance?

Updated 1 month ago by Joyce Suen

If you are using iClaims to process your insurance claims, you will initially see $0.00 as prices for the CPT codes. 

When a clinician signs off of a patient's chart, the billing details will be passed along to iClaims in three days. iClaims will review the chart, fix CPT codes if necessary, and add the prices before submitting the claim to the insurance company. Once the claim is back from the insurance company, they will send iClaims the EOB and Carbon will help you charge the patient. 

You may also add the prices for each CPT code by clicking on $0.00. After the prices for the CPT codes have been entered once by your practice or iClaims, the system will remember it for subsequent claims. 

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